RGC Institutional Development Scheme

DateRGC Institutional Development Scheme
2016/17Establishment of a Deep Learning Research & Application Centre
2015/16Set Up a Research Institute for Business

RGC Faculty Development Scheme

DateRGC Faculty Development Scheme
2016/17Acquirers' Transparency and Market Reactions to M&As in Emerging Markets - Evidence from China (Dr Rita YIP, PI)
2016/17Identify the Uniqueness of Idiosyncratic Deals: A Comparison with Similar Practices and An Empirical Investigation (Dr Eko LIAO, PI)
2016/17Consumer Carbon Label: Development of Supply Chain Product Carbon Footprint and Consumer Carbon Index for Beverage Merchandise (Dr Eugene WONG, PI)
2016/17The Evolutionary Trend of International Income Inequality: An Analysis of Decomposition and Transitional Dynamics (Dr James CHEONG, PI)
2016/17Is the Investor-pays Model an Effective Solution to Problems in the Credit Rating Industry? (Dr Jeff SHEN, PI)
2016/17Motivating Loyalty Program Members toward Reward Pursuit: A Cross-Cultural Perspective (Dr Morgan YANG, PI)
2016/17Secure Cloud Database System using Communication-Efficient Multi-Party Computation (Dr WONG Wai Kit, PI)
2016/17Adaptive Process Optimization Strategies: Sustaining the Best-in-class Performance of Spare Parts Services (Dr Daniel MO, PI)
2016/17Developing the Model of Inoculated Spiral of Silence (ISoS) for the Insight of Public Opinion in Hong Kong (Prof Scarlet TSO, PI)
2016/17Advanced Statistical Methods for Complex Longitudinal Data Analysis (Prof TANG Man Lai, PI)

RGC Inter-institutional Development Scheme

DateRGC Inter-institutional Development Scheme
2016/17Symposium of Taxation: The Era of BEPS (Ms Joey LEE, PI)
2016/17Interactive Case-based Pedagogical Development on Maritime, Aviation and Logistics Law for Supply Chain and Logistics Operations (Dr Eugene WONG, PI)
2016/17The Bright Side and Dark Side of Consumer Ethics (Dr Lawrence LO, PI)
2016/17Intelligent Systems Ready for the Digital Future of Supply Chains (Dr Daniel MO, PI)
2016/17Shadow Silk Road: Non-state Flow of Commodity, Capital, and People Across Eurasia (Dr Eva HUNG, PI)
2014/15Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Gateway and Barriers (Professor Irene CHOW, PI)
2014/15Workshop Series in Applied Statistics (Dr William LIU, PI)
2015/16Sustainable Development in Higher Education – Responsible Management, Innovative Programme Design and Green Learning Environment (Dr Shirley YEUNG, PI)
2015/16Symposia in Data Science (Mr Stanley ZEL, PI)


2016/17Tate’s Cairn Tunnel 30th Anniversary Research and Publication Project (Dr Rami CHAN, PI)
2016/17Management Case Series: Education, Training and Teaching as a Liberal Art (Dr Kenneth KWONG, PI)
2015/16Research and Survey of the Cultural Industries of Hong Kong (Professor Desmond HUI, PI)
2013/14Glocality and Cultural Literacy: HSMC English Enhancement Project (Dr Amy KONG, PI)
2013/14Developing Language Proficiency for Post-secondary Students: Online Assessment and Self-learning of Putonghua through Gamification and Automation (Ms Elena KO, PI)
2014/15The Development of Educational and Research Center with Automatic Virtual Reality Platform for 3D Interactive Learning and Big Data Analytics (Dr Eugene WONG, PI)
2014/15A Visual Platform for the Design, Implementation, and Analysis of Collaborative Business Simulation Games (Dr Collin WONG, PI)
2013/14Can Intergroup Competition and Intragroup Evaluation Reduce the Free Rider Problem in Group Projects? An Action Research (Dr Victor LAU, PI)
2013/14Exploring Learning-oriented Assessment in Hong Kong's Self-financing Tertiary Educational Context (Dr Maggie MA, PI)
2014/15Preventing Marginalization in Air Passenger and Freight Businesses – a Global Network Decision Support System (Dr. Collin WONG, PI)